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The World Book Encyclopedia definition ;


Travertine is a dense, closely compacted form of limestone found mostly in banded layers,

most travertine is white or cream colored. It consist mainly of calcium carbonate seperates from water through evaporation.


Travertine and Marble is often used as decorative building stone because it is easy to cut. Extensive deposits exist at Denizli, Turkey, known as Hierapolis ( Pamukkale ). Travertine is mostly used for wall and floor tiles, can be used in all rooms of the house, especially living areas, kitchens and bathrooms for decorative purposes such as back plash, walltile and countertops.


Our experience in the field of Natural Stones, especially travertine, marble and limestone tiles and slabs also other travertine products such as mosaics and mouldings.

ANGIN & ARDAN MABLE Corp. is one of the leading manufacturer of Turkish originated natural stones.


Our market is extended to many countries worldwide. As we are aiming to establish customer loyalty in our business, we are always open to tailor made production.


Please contact us for further information requirements. You wil be served by our professional sales and marketing team at earliest.


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